Yes, we’re making a game about vomit

We’re working on a very fun little game that we like so much, we wanted to share a bit of the development process with the world. The game is called Eggggg, and it is about a boy called Gilbert who is allergic to eggs. Eating eggs makes him vomit really bad, and in this game that is used to his advantage.

The game will be released fall 2016 for iOS and Android, and possibly other platforms in the future.

The game is developed by Hyper Games – a studio of 5 people based in Oslo, Norway. The game is based on a movie called Gilbert’s Grusomme Hevn (Gilbert’s Cruel Revenge) made by the Norwegian movie producer Maipo Film, which is in turn based on a kids book called Eggg by Stein Erik Lunde. We also work together with the amazing Spanish illustrators Brosmind and the Academy Award winning animators Mikrofilm.

Keep following to see the development process from beginning to end – we can’t wait to share.



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