Control system

So, at this point we have a fun working prototype. But we had one big problem to fix before going forward. There are not many good platform games for mobiles, and that’s for a pretty good reason: Touch screens are really really challenging.

So here is the control system we used for our first prototype:


That of course is pretty basic and working perfectly fine with a game controller, but translating this to a touch screen would be something like this:


On paper, that might not seem so bad. It’s basically the same as with the game controller, but with one big difference: You have no haptic feedback. Haptic feedback is the sensation of your finger actually touching a button, but as you know – on your phone all you can feel is a smooth glass surface. So the seemingly simple task of pressing a button on a phone screen makes for a really bad user experience.

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First prototype and test panel

Once we knew that we wanted to make a platform game, we started making a quick prototype. This would be our proof of concept, and would help us figure out if puking could be fun or not. To make it as quick as possible to develop we used a game controller instead of a touch device, although a mobile game has always been the plan.

Once we had a working prototype we did a quick test on a panel of teenagers to see their reactions. This is all in Norwegian, but you’ll get the idea:

Important disclaimer: This was just a prototype and does not reflect how the finished game will look, nor the gameplay:

So far so good! We were sure there was something fun here, but there’s one big challenge waiting for us: On the game controller we have lots of buttons and we used dual analog sticks to control the character and the puke direction: How the heck do we make this game work on a touch screen?! Read more about that in this post.

Early concepts

When we first started working on this game we knew it would be a mobile game, and we knew it was about a boy allergic to eggs. Our first idea was to make a game about allergies, and different objects gave different allergic reactions. So you would have some objects that made you sneeze/explode, some made you puke, some made you blow up like a balloon etc. After working on this for a while we found out that there was so many cool mechanics we could do with puking, and wanted to focus more on that.

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Yes, we’re making a game about vomit

We’re working on a very fun little game that we like so much, we wanted to share a bit of the development process with the world. The game is called Eggggg, and it is about a boy called Gilbert who is allergic to eggs. Eating eggs makes him vomit really bad, and in this game that is used to his advantage.

The game will be released fall 2016 for iOS and Android, and possibly other platforms in the future.

The game is developed by Hyper Games – a studio of 5 people based in Oslo, Norway. The game is based on a movie called Gilbert’s Grusomme Hevn (Gilbert’s Cruel Revenge) made by the Norwegian movie producer Maipo Film, which is in turn based on a kids book called Eggg by Stein Erik Lunde. We also work together with the amazing Spanish illustrators Brosmind and the Academy Award winning animators Mikrofilm.

Keep following to see the development process from beginning to end – we can’t wait to share.