Coming to Steam this spring!

In december our game got Greenlit on Steam, so we’ll be launching on Steam and possibly other platforms in a few monthts!
If you’re dropping by GDC you should drop by our booth and try the PC version first hand!

Oh, and thanks so much to Jim Sterling for making sure we got greenlit quickly by posting this video and giving us the box quote “It looks like an actual f***** game!!”

Skjermbilde 2017-01-24 kl. 10.47.40

Soft launch in Norway!

Today we released the first version of the game, only in Norway! So if you are one of us lucky vikings, you will get to be among the first to try it out. International release is set to October, so shouldn’t be too long for the rest of you either! ^__^
Get it on Google Play



Also check out this brand new jetpack-vomit!

Royal treatment

IMG_4632We have high expectations for Eggggg, but did not expect it to bring us to Helsinki to dine with the Norwegian royal family as well as the Finnish president. A bit surreal, but we really appreciated the opportunity to talk to them, as well as a handful of Norwegian ministers, and let everyone know how happy we are that the Norwegian government is serious about building up the game industry!

Our friends at DirtyBit even got to have the queen play their game Fun Run 2: